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Introduction to Ideal Weight

by Dr. Kim Selir on 04/17/2015

Category: Ideal Weight

Are you still looking for your ideal weight ?

NEVER GIVE UP! Go over, under, around, or through, but never give up. Your ideal weight is achieveable and sustainable. Sometimes our goals are of weight gain or loss- begin by changing the goal to being healthy. Giving the cells in your body the nutrients they need and removing the toxins assists in improving body function and health. Healthier cells and body function assist in expressing the natural side effects of weight loss/gain, feeling and looking better, increased energy, better sleep, improved digestion, less pain and sinuses/allergies/sensitivities/intolerances conditions.

If you choose to make a change in your lifestyle, focus on what you will add, rather than taking away what you feel you will be deprived of. Can you add 3 oz. of water before your favorite beverage? A bite of fruit or veggie before your favorite meal? Can you add sitting or marching in place for 3 minutes or a 3 minute walk, one dance a day, parking further from the store? Can you add getting to bed by 10:30 pm? Can you add giving your body a loving thought everyday? Can you take the time to see yourself smiling being the ideal weight in a new, attractive outifit? Can you add one small meal day of veggies or fruits with your grass fed meat protein helping you on your way to 5 or 6 small meals a day? Are you willing to add one of the above ways to improve the health of your cells and body? If you answered yes, great! Be consistent - everyday add the one thing you chose. Be patient and look for small constant improvement. Be sure to thank yourself daily for doing a great job of being on the Wellness Journey!

Stay tuned for more ideal weight information in the future! Be well!

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