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by Dr. Kim Selir on 10/26/2016

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Facts about Innate Choice D-Sufficiency™ from Innate Choice™

FACT: Cold and Flu season is vitamin D deficiency season. As vitamin D levels plummet from less exposure to sunlight the incidence of colds and flu in the winter skyrockets.

‘Solar radiation (sunlight) triggers robust seasonal vitamin D production in the skin; vitamin D deficiency

is common in the winter, and activated vitamin D - 1,25(OH)2D, a steroid hormone, has profound effects on human immunity.’

FACT: Supplementing with vitamin D is scientifically proven to prevent colds and flu. Vitamin D dramatically increases the expression of antimicrobial proteins (AMPs) in cells of the innate

immune system (the part of the immune system that immediately attacks and kills viruses, bacteria, and fungi).

Heaney, R. Vitamin D in health and disease. Clin J Am Soc Neph. 2008. Vol 3(5):1535-1541.

Countries with the highest blood levels of vitamin D from supplementation have the lowest incidence of seasonal cold and flu and half the winter mortality rates.

Cannell, J. et al. Epidemic influenza and vitamin D. Epidemiol Infect 2006, 134(6):1129-1140.

A randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled study reported that children taking Vitamin D3 daily in winter were 67% less likely to get Type A influenza (H1N1 varieties).

Urashima, et al. Randomized trial of vitamin D supplementation to prevent seasonal influenza in

schoolchildren. Am J Clin Nutr. May 2010. Vol 91(5):1255-60.

In a three year trial supplementing with Vitamin D reduced the incidence of colds and flu by 70%.

After two years they increased the amount of vitamin D intake and reached nearly a 100% prevention rate for colds and flu (only 1 of 104 subjects developed cold or flu in the final year).

Aloia, J et al. Epidemic influenza and vitamin D. Epidemiology and Infection. 2007. Vol 135(7):1095-1098.

On the basis of studies reviewed to date, the strongest evidence supports vitamin D therapy for influenza (flu) and viral upper respiratory tract illnesses (colds).”

Yamshchikov, A et al. Vitamin D for treatment and prevention of infectious diseases: a systematic review

of randomized controlled trials. Endocrine Practice. 2009. Vol 15(5):438-449.

FACT: For just a few seconds and a few pennies a day you can mount your best possible D-Fense for Winter Wellness by supplementing with D-Sufficiency.

Article taken from Innate Choice Essential Nutrient News™: Innate Choice D-Sufficiency™

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