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Family Wellness

by Dr. Kim Selir on 05/29/2015

Category: Mental Wellness

What is Family Wellness?

As we know, filling our own "vessel" first is vital to assist with balance in our lives which gives us the energy to share with our families and friends.

Be the Wellness Advocate in your family. Set the example for your children and other family members by practicing what you preach. Strive for improving eating, moving and thinking well habits on a daily basis. If you have a day that you don't feel you have done well with improving your health, "cut yourself some slack", as you would with family and friends.

 Remember: every day is a New Beginning.

Where do we start with Family Wellness? Involve the whole family by establishing a pattern of exercise. This helps to keep everyone in shape, and also serves as an important bonding time. Listen to your children and family members- what activities do they find to be fun? Being part of the decision process raises the likelihood of continued participation.

Focus on the positives: celebrate your children and family member's successes. This helps build healthier self-image, increased confidence, strength and self-reliance.

Schedule 2 hours one day a week where the entire family has "No Screen Time" - that includes Moms and Dads - no computers, TV, video games, cell phones or iPods. Strengthen your time with each other by listening and asking wellness questions. What was your happiest time this week? What are you grateful for? What goals did you accomplish this week? How did you help someone this week?

Family - a priceless gift. Start today and take the time to plan your family's wellness. Time, money and energy  invested improving health=priceless rewards of happiness, peace, love, success, prosperity, and longevity .

Your health affects everything you do and everyone you know.

Be Well! Dr. Selir

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