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Chasing Tigers

by Dr. Kim Selir on 05/08/2015

Category: Ideal Weight

Chasing Tigers

Adaptive Stress Response

                Last week, we shared the effects of being in a chronic state of Adaptive Stress Response (fight or flight) – i.e. being Chased by a Tiger. As much as we are not often being chased by the actual Tiger or Beast anymore, what are some aspects of your modern lifestyle that contribute to the same fight or flights (adaptive stress response) as being Chased by a Tiger?

                Lack of movement, a sedentary lifestyle and lack of spinal and joint motion cause negative nerve input to our brain causing the adaptive stress response (being Chased by a Tiger).

An imbalance between Omega 3 and Omega 6 foods in our diets contributes to chronic systematic inflammation, stimulating in simple terms, negative nerve input to the brain, putting our brain/body under chronic stress leading to adaptive stress response like being Chased by a Tiger.

Lack of sleep, rest, adequate water intake, and repeated bright lights and loud noises from our tablets and computers contribute to this adaptive stress response.

What are mental and emotional “Tigers”? Worry, anxiety, fear, anger and sadness. Additional “Tigers” include lack of forgiveness, lack of feeling grateful, loving, caring, lack of kindness. Let’s not forget a toxic environment: air, food, water, work and/or home environment are all “Tigers” chasing us.

Are you being Chased by a TIGER?

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