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Knee Pain?

by Dr. Kim Selir on 05/29/2017

Category: Knee Pain

2.5 Million Injuries in Adolescent Athletes Each Year -- Faulty lower extremity biomechanics often the cause

The knee is a complex structure and one of the most stressed joints in the human body. It is the largest joint, vital for movement, and vulnerable to injury. 

The knee is the most commonly injured joint by adolescent athletes with an estimated 2.5 million sports-related injuries annually. Many knee injuries can be successfully treated with simple...

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Knee Pain

by Dr. Kim Selir on 04/01/2016

Category: Knee Pain

Knee Pain

The American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons shares with us...

"Arthroscopy involves a surgeon making a small incision in your knee and irrigating and removing loose pieces of cartilage. In the arthritic knee, there is a very limited role for an arthroscopy.

Results of a “clean out” or a “wash out” are unpredictable at best and should be avoided.

Substantial rigorous research...

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