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Help avoid getting the flu and cold!

by Dr. Kim Selir on 10/26/2016

Category: Wellness

Facts about Innate Choice D-Sufficiency™ from Innate Choice™

FACT: Cold and Flu season is vitamin D deficiency season. As vitamin D levels plummet from less exposure to sunlight the incidence of colds and flu in the winter skyrockets.

‘Solar radiation (sunlight) triggers robust seasonal vitamin D production in the skin; vitamin D deficiency

is common in the winter, and...

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The Obesity Epidemic

by Dr. Kim Selir on 10/03/2016

Category: Ideal Weight

"About  2/3 of U.S. Adults are overweight or obese and nearly 1/3 of U.S. Adults are obese..."

One of the most startling projections facing our nation this year is that Americans in this current generation will be the first in history of our country predicted to die at a younger age than their parents, mostly due to chronic health issues associated with being overweight. Since 1985, the first year the CDC started keeping body mass index (BMI) statistics on the...

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by Dr. Kim Selir on 09/02/2016

Category: Headaches

50 million people suffer from regular headaches... are you one of them?

You may not believe it, but 50 million people battle headaches on a regular basis and 12 million even suffer headaches daily. What's more is that 28 million of those "regular headaches" are migraines. And lastly, recent studies have revealed that 20% of children are regularly suffering from headaches. These numbers are startling, don't you think?

The throbbing,...

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Blood Pressure

by Dr. Kim Selir on 09/01/2016

Categories: Blood Pressure, Good Ideas

Have you had your blood pressure checked lately?

Many things in your everyday life affect your blood pressure.  These include the systems of your body, environmental factors, personal experiences, and nutrition.

Your body systems work together.   The autonomic nervous system controls digestion, heart rate, blood vessel diameter and other functions that happen separate from the...

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Back to School!

by Dr. Kim Selir on 08/05/2016

Category: Wellness

Back to school is a great time to take a step back and think about our children and wellness. Children along with adults need balance in their lives. Wellness is a balance of physical, mental, emotional, family, spiritual, social, financial, and student/career.

Asking questions of ourselves can help our children in achieving this balance. How much movement is my child getting every day? Do we have daily quiet time together to talk and listen (electronic free time), even if...

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