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Foot and Ankle Pain?

by Dr. Kim Selir on 06/05/2017

Categories: Foot/Ankle Pain, Good Ideas

Over 25,000 Ankle Sprains Each Year! 40% not detected or misdiagnosed

In the United States, more than 25,000 people deal with ankle sprains or pain every day. Studies show that somewhere around 40 percent of ankle sprains are not treated correctly or are misdiagnosed, which leads to disability or chronic ankle pain.

Chiropractic is very effective for treating foot and ankle pain. A chiropractor will begin be assessing the patient's source of pain and...

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Knee Pain?

by Dr. Kim Selir on 05/29/2017

Category: Knee Pain

2.5 Million Injuries in Adolescent Athletes Each Year -- Faulty lower extremity biomechanics often the cause

The knee is a complex structure and one of the most stressed joints in the human body. It is the largest joint, vital for movement, and vulnerable to injury. 

The knee is the most commonly injured joint by adolescent athletes with an estimated 2.5 million sports-related injuries annually. Many knee injuries can be successfully treated with simple...

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Hip Pain?

by Dr. Kim Selir on 05/22/2017

Categories: Good Ideas, Hip pain

Is it Osteoarthritis, Bursitis or Tendonitis? A thorough examination may be necessary

By most measures, the hip is built to withstand a significant amount of stress. Similar to the shoulder, the hip is a ball and socket joint that permits fluid movement. As with other parts of the body, other factors may contribute to wear and tear of the joint and produce pain in the hip. Understanding the contributors to pain, an overview of the hip's anatomy often...

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Wrist Pain?

by Dr. Kim Selir on 05/15/2017

Categories: Good Ideas, Wrist Pain

Mobility & Stress makes the wrist injury prone -- manipulation & mobilization beneficial

The anatomy of the wrist joint is extremely complex, probably the most complex of all the joints in the body. The wrist actually is a collection of many bones and joints. These bones and joints let us let us use our hands in lots of different ways. The wrist must be extremely mobile to give our hands a full range of motion. At the same time, the wrist must provide the strength...

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The Most Common Elbow Injury

by Dr. Kim Selir on 05/08/2017

Categories: Elbow Injury, Good Ideas

Golf & Tennis elbow share the same cause -- overuse and repetitive stress

The elbow itself is essentially a hinge joint, meaning it bends and straightens like a hinge. But there is a second joint where the end of the radius meets the humerus. This joint is complicated because the radius rotates so that you can turn your hand palm up and palm down. At the same time, it slides against the end of the humerus as the elbow bends and straightens. 

The joint is...

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