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The Gift of Serving

by Dr. Kim Selir on 07/10/2015

Category: Mental Wellness

Looking for a great sense of fulfillment? Searching for an answer to "Why am I here?" Looking for inner peace? Perhaps we want to feel better physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually? To answer these questions and grow stronger in body, mind, and spirit, we need to look beyond ourselves.

Yes, it is important to take care of our "vessel" first. We truly can not serve others to the best of our abilities without taking care of ourselves first. Add the...

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Are you Inflamed?

by Dr. Kim Selir on 06/26/2015

Category: Inflammation

What Can Interrupt your Wellness Journey?

  • Inflammation: a natural process - inflammation can be good to assist the body in healing. However, inflammation can also be a bad thing when it is low grade and chronic throughout the entire body.
  • The Center for Disease Control shares that chronic low levels of inflammation contribute to heart disease, cancer, chronic lower respiratory disease, stroke, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes,...

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Are You Sleeping Well?

by Dr. Kim Selir on 06/19/2015

Category: Sleep

Are You Sleeping Well?

Do you stay up late at night and still get up early in the orning? Do you stay up late and sleep late thinking you are getting adequate sleep? Research has shown lack of sleep is associated with a significant increase in heart disease, migranes, chronic pain, and decreased immune function. If we are sleep deprived, we tend to consume more calories and higher amounts of fat in our diets. Studies reveal a sitting lifestyle (remember sitting is the new smoking)...

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Seline Alzheimer's/Dementia

by Dr. Kim Selir on 06/12/2015

Category: Memory

How Much Do you Value Your Mind?

Many FEAR loss of mental function with aging. Difficult for family, loved ones, and the individual affected with senile dementia or Alzheimer's disease. In the book, Brighter Minds, Dr. Kyl Smith shares that DHA, an essential fatty acid found in fish oil, may protect against the development of dementia. DHA may also be helpful in producing cognitive improvements after the development of dementia. According to Nutrient Notes 2013, "Numerous...

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Who does the healing?

by Dr. Kim Selir on 06/05/2015

Category: Mental Wellness

You, of course!

How well you heal, prevent injury and illness depends on many factors. Good questions to ask yourself are...

What am I eating? What am I drinking? How often am I eating? What am I thinking? How many hours of sleep am I getting? How many times did I exercise this week? Am I taking my essential nutrient supplements consistently? And yes... How is my attitude?

Attitude matters! Children laugh hundreds of times a day while adults typically...

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