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Are You Sleeping Well?

by Dr. Kim Selir on 06/19/2015

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Are You Sleeping Well?

Do you stay up late at night and still get up early in the orning? Do you stay up late and sleep late thinking you are getting adequate sleep? Research has shown lack of sleep is associated with a significant increase in heart disease, migranes, chronic pain, and decreased immune function. If we are sleep deprived, we tend to consume more calories and higher amounts of fat in our diets. Studies reveal a sitting lifestyle (remember sitting is the new smoking) and 5 hours of sleep can cause a person to be prediabetic in as little as 2 weeks.

Sleep is regulated by natural light and is vital for our cells and body to repair. Deep sleep is necessary for immune system repair, growth and development, hormone release, including hormones that regulate fat storage and appetite. Muscles recieve increased blood supply, tissues repair and grow, and energy is restored during sleep. Portions of sleep assist with memory, complex thought, motor skills and "washing" the toxins out of the brain.

Here are some sleep wellness tips: As an adult, get 7.5 to 9 hours of sleep daily, avoid caffeine, turn off all electronics one hour before bed, avoid watching the news as the last thoughts in your mind, engage in a relaxing activity before bed (gentle stretching, breathing exercises, bath, reading and/or meditating), add a light glycemically balanced snack 1 hour before bed, ex: 1/2 palm size protien and palm size fruit or veggie. Go to bed at the same time everyday and disengage the snooze button. Limit alcohol or even completely elimate consumption. Walk 30 mins daily and be consistent with essential nutrient supplements of Fish Oil and Vitamin D. See your chiropractor for regular check-ups to improve brain/body communication. Make sure your pillow supports your neck and the mattress is firm with a comfort top. Turn off all of the lights in the bedroom and hall.

If all the above seems ooverwhelming, choose one tip and improve your sleep and overall health and wellbeing. Consult with your Wellness Lifestyle Practitioner for further recommendations.

Your health affects everything you do and everyone you know.

Sleep well,

Dr. Selir.

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