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Am I
in Balance?

Tips for a better day:

Family Wellness and Rehab

• Have you rated yourself lately? Regarding what? Your WELLNESS WHEEL. How do you do that? DRAW A LARGE CIRCLE on a BLANK piece of paper.

• DRAW a DOT in the middle of the circle with 8 spokes extending from the dot to the edge of the circle (like a wheel). Number from 0-10 from the inner circle (dot) to the outer circle for each spoke.

• One spoke represents physical well-being, the next is mental, then emotional, spiritual, social, financial, family, career/volunteer; until all the spokes are filled in.

Now rate yourself 0=not good, 10=doing well in each spoke.

Any flat spots? What can you add to improve balance? Not sure? Call 815-895-4875 Dr. Kim

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Our office is unique - we focus on treating the cause, not just the symptoms. We offer more than 20 years of experience with challenging and difficult cases. Your health affects everything you do and everyone you know.

Dr. Kimberly Selir

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